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FoodLovers provides the people of Canberra with a number of products made in a completely gluten free kitchen.  

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Tasty Cheese Biscuits

Delicious, crispy gluten free cheese biscuits that match perfectly with wine or beer.  Available at The Cook Grocer and Deakin IGA

(free from gluten, soy, nuts)

Spicy Cheese Biscuits

A much spicier version of the classic Tasty Cheese Biscuit, but still some people's favourite.  Available at The Cook Grocer and Deakin IGA.

(free from gluten, soy, nuts)

Chocolate Brownie

For when we need a sweet treat that is not so naughty.  Made with pumpkin seed meal - gives a nuttiness without the allergen!  Also uses Spencer Cocoa Dark Chocolate with cocoa grown in Vanuatu, made in Mudgee!  Available in packs of three at The Cook Grocer and Deakin IGA

(free from gluten, soy, nuts)

(can be made dairy free - just ask)

FoodLovers Products

Is there a FoodLovers product that you would particularly like?  Check out what is available at Cook Grocer, Deakin IGA, EcoMeats (at the Belconnen Markets) or Cooking Coordinates (also at the Markets).  Otherwise, contact us and we will see what we can do!


From the very beginning when FoodLovers was called Mum's Mess at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets, we have always provided our customers with the very best products we could make.  Using locally sourced fruit and vegetables for our jams, sauces, chutneys and pickles ensures our products are always the best they can be.  Many of the gluten free flours used cannot be sourced from Australia, but what we always attempt to source Australian products first.  

Knowing how allergies and intolerances affect those sufferers, FoodLovers is always careful when using any possible allergens.  Having a completely gluten free kitchen enables us to ensure that there is no possible cross contamination with gluten.  Nut usage is kept to a minimum and completed in isolation.

GREAT food and GREAT service. Thanks Nancy, you are the best. All the best with the move. Onwards and upwards.

Peter (on Facebook)

Greeted by the delicious aroma of food being prepared on site and never disappointed by the flavour.  The gluten free products prepared on site are created and cooked by the owner who had declared her kitchen gluten free but most definitely not flavour free.  Even if I did not need gluten free products I would still prefer her products (especially the Anzac biscuits) to any others.  My family are amazed that gluten free can actually be delicious! 

Martha (on Facebook)



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