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Loving Gluten Free

The FoodLovers kitchen is completely gluten free. We take great pride in providing foods that anyone can enjoy! Many of our FoodLovers products are naturally gluten-free.

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Loving Seasonal Produce

Being based in the Belconnen Fresh Food Market allows us to source all our fresh ingredients from our local suppliers. We purchase, chop, cook and bottle all our products on site.

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Locally Owned, Locally Operated and Locally Loved

Nancy knows the FoodLovers story...she has visited FoodLovers since it was called Mum's Mess back when she first came to Canberra in 1988. Like all young parents, her kids played on the Mushroom Playground at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets between shopping for fruit and vegetables at the various stalls in the Market. In about 2008, she was asked if she would like to 'give us a hand' for a few hours a week. This turned into a couple of days a week and eventually, in 2012, the decision was made to purchase FoodLovers. It was an apprenticeship that prepared her for life as a very busy businesswoman!

Since 2015, FoodLovers has changed. While many of the favourites (Red Tomato Relish, Smokey Snow Gum BBQ Sauce and the Pasta sauce range) have all stayed as they always have (nutritiously morish condiments made with fresh, Australian ingredients), some products have changed a lot. Once Nancy's gluten free diet became imperative for her health and wellbeing, all gluten-based products (wheat, oats, rye, barley etc) were banished from the FoodLovers kitchen. Recipes for cakes and biscuits were modified, tweaked and totally recreated to ensure that they taste fabulous, have high nutritional value and are still the best thing that you can put in your mouth!